Here is Why You Need to Get a Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage is one of the popular choices at every massage & spa center in Muscat. But have you ever thought about why? What makes the stone placed on the back so good that people prefer getting a hot stone massage regularly?

The origin of hot stone massage dates back to around 5000 years in India. Indians use the technique in Ayurveda. The therapy involved the placement of stones on the body to relieve the tension and relieve pain from the affected area. Later, the Chinese used shaped stones while burning mugwort to treat diseases and improve digestion.

Later, the natives of Hawaii invented that wrapping heated rocks in leaves and placing them on the body helps with pain relief.

While the therapy has evolved over the centuries, the benefits remain the most attractive part of Hot stone massage therapy.

Benefits of Getting a Hot Stone Massage
Relieve Pain & Tension From Your Body

Heating pads have been the most common remedy to treat body pain. Similarly, you can experience improved back or muscle pain with a hot stone massage. The hot stones are applied to the affected area to gently alleviate spasms and allow joints to regain mobility and strength.

Heating Aids in Stress and Anxiety

Hot stone massage has significantly reduced stress and anxiety over the decades. This is because the heat stimulates energy through the muscles and relaxes the body. When your body and mind are at ease, happy hormones like Endorphins are released. Endorphins help with better mental health and reduce stress or anxiety. Similarly, stress hormones like cortisol levels are lowered during the massage.

Improves Sleep

As mentioned earlier, hot stone massage helps with anxiety and stress. The body is relaxed throughout the massage, and you get a night of good sleep when you are relaxed. The less you are anxious, the better your sleep quality gets over time. However, it is recommended to regularly get a massage to improve sleep quality, especially when you are an insomniac looking for natural alternatives to better your sleeping patterns.

Cancer Management

There is no way a massage could treat any cancer. However, health surveys and experts have agreed that a variety of touch modalities like hot stone therapy positively manage the side effects of cancer treatment like insomnia, pain, nausea, fatigue, and depression.

Chemotherapy, one of the most complex treatments, impacts the overall immune system and mentally traumatizes the patient. This is when massage therapy in Muscat comes in handy as a source of positivity and calm. The gentle touch of heated stones calms your body and mind so that you feel less stressed and get rid of some problems during cancer treatment.

Muscle Relaxation

Apart from relieving the pain, Hot stone massage also treats muscle strains. It is believed that massage aids in regaining the strength of weak muscles by gently stimulating heat. Therefore, after a tiring day, you will feel more flexible and relaxed after a hot stone massage session.

Removes Toxins

Many practitioners believe that hot stone massage therapy is one of the best ways to draw toxins out of your skin and eliminate them with the natural sweating process of our bodies. This results in healthy, radiant skin.

Final Words

No matter what your schedule is, you can always take some time off your everyday routine to pamper your body. Try out the hot stone massage therapy in Muscat with the most trusted Wishah Spa and let yourself heal from all the tension and stress.